napa by martine rose

Working with outdoors-inspired slogans and inspired by the psychedelic garment prints of the collection, I created typography and artwork for Napa by Martine Rose SS20.



Titled ‘Pambahay Sculptures,’ ‘Pambahay,’ meaning ‘home’ in Tagalog, the collective pieces directly communicate a shared love of objects and the meaning they hold. Designed and curated by Jessica Tremaine and Carl Jan Cruz. I created the identity for the collection, including posters, lookbook, and invites.


carl jan cruz

I’ve put together lookbooks, posters, and catalogs for designer Carl Jan Cruz’s various collections.


playstation playable

I worked with PlayStation to create an identity for the ‘Playable’ campaign, in which PlayStation collaborated with three collectives; Blast Skates, AGR Knit and Bone Soda.

We worked with Blast on a product drop.

AGR released a series of Avatars.

And Bone Soda ran a FIFA tournament event.

AGR Knit
Blast Skates
Bone Soda

kurupt fm

I worked with the Kurupt FM guys and Chabuddy to create visuals to support the launch of their podcast, the Podkast.


empirical spirits

Empirical Spirits is a flavor company. Using a unique blend of fermentation, low-temperature vacuum distillation techniques, and global ingredients. This was and still is, an exploration of the Empirical brand, identity and aesthetic.

Flyers, ingredient tags and R+D zine.

Can wrap for the ready-to-drink range.

Can launch video.
AD by me. Animation by Freddie Almond.

Event video.

The Plum, I Suppose tee.

Product info double-siders.

Brutus, Oslo event tee.

Reflective tote bag.

Flyers and printed goods.

Original can launch video.

Fallen Pony relaunch video.